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The sight of the first winter weather reminds us of the holidays, but it also brings the need for safe sidewalks in ice and the mess follows. The mess on your floors from winter weather and ice melt can wear on you, but we have the solution!

We all want our sidewalk, entryways, and sidewalk to be slip and fall free during the winter and the number one product used for melting snow is ice melt. Ice melt is a substance that is eco-friendly, economical, and reliable for the effective removal of ice even in the dead of winter to prevent falls and slips.

How to use

By applying a little or a lot depending on the icy area, it gradually melts the ice to prevent slips and falls. When the ice is now gone your concern turns to how can you prevent damage to your floors from wet feet.

Ice Melt and Floor Mats

Nothing traps ice melt and dirt better than a floor mat. If you haven’t thought about it, floor mats placed at strategic places around your place of business will ensure that tracks are fewer on your floors.

Having a professional janitorial company in Lubbock can help keep the mess cleaned up as well. We will set a schedule to clear your floors helping prevent damage throughout the winter season.

Don’t let the concern of mats and floors stop you from creating a safe place this winter. Here are some more tips for using ice melt effectively.

The Don'ts of using Ice Melt

Not using at all: ice melt is an integral part of preventing falls in winter. Let be the source of someone getting hurt. Put out ice melt anytime winter weather strikes.

Using too much: business owners make the mistake of thinking that applying too much can’t hurt, but that is wrong. Ice Melt is mainly sodium chlorine that cause severe damage to the concrete floor on your sidewalk, driveway, or entryway. Using too much will make a bigger problem later.

Not following the instructions: don’t just guess how to use it. Read instruction properly before applying it

The Wrong Ice Melt: most products contain exothermic deicers that absorb heat from the surrounding to melt the snow or acts as a heating substance when it hits the snow. Sodium chlorine is the most used because it can effectively reduce the ice to a temperature of 20 degrees while still been less invasive to your flooring. Using the wrong products to melt ice will not only be less effective, but could cause even more damage.

Call us today and make a plan to get all of the ice melt track off of your floor. Enjoy winter without damaging your floor and risking slips. We will help to keep your building and flooring healthy throughout winter.

If you have any additional questions about what we offer, give us a call. We will answer any questions you have!