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It’s the holiday season and at this time of the year, winter is at its peak. It’s cold and literally everything is frozen. Asides from taking care of our own bodies, we should put a lot of effort into taking care of our environment. This includes our personal items, home appliances, cars, and other working systems. The temperature during winter causes a lot of breakdowns. It also affects the plumbing in our homes and businesses. One key area to protect is the plumbing and especially your outdoor faucets.

How Can You Prevent Your Water Faucet From Freezing?

There are different ways to ensure your outdoor water faucet is prevented from freezing:

1. An Outdoor Water Faucet Cover

A water faucet cover is a great option when trying to prevent your faucet from freezing. These are not hard to find, they are available at different hardware stores and go a long way in preventing water damage. All you need to do is install in and ensure it is placed tightly to prevent it from falling off.

2. Disconnect Your Hoses

This option is super important when trying to prevent a water damage caused by the freezing weather conditions. It is not enough to just have a faucet cover, but to also, disconnect your hoses. This is necessary, because some hoses keep the water stored in them even after they are turned off. This could freeze up and still lead to water damage.

5. Install A Heat Tape or Heat Lamps

Using a heat tape or a lamp can help keep your faucet defrosted all through the winter. This will help in preventing it from getting frozen, regardless of the weather condition. Also, you can try installing a frost-free spigot. This variation of outdoor faucets is manufactured to work in any weather condition. Hence, you won’t have to worry about it freezing at all.

Preventing your faucets from freezing can save you a lot of money needed in fixing the damages that might occur. Try out one of this options today and enjoy the holiday worry-free.